1. BMS and Cell Monitoring Board: Our sophisticated BMS and cell monitoring system gives customer comprehensive battery cell and pack information. The BMS has been tested on four types of vehicles. The stackable monitoring module can hold 200 lithium rechargeable cells in series, and up to 1000V. The maximum cell voltage is 5V, and the resolution near 1 mV. The features includes:

    • Calculate State of Charge
    • Monitor voltage and temperature values on both cells and packs voltage
    • 2 temperature sensors in each 12 cells
    • Protect over charge, under discharge and over/under defined temperature both on cells and a packs
    • Monitor packs current
    • Redundant Pack voltage monitor
    • Passive cell balancing on monitor Board (option)
    • Control a on-board charger
    • Control battery pack cooling fan
    • CAN communication
    • Windows operating interface

    BMS: Dimension 18.5cm x 10.5cm

    48-Cell Monitor Board: Dimension 18.5cm x 10.5cm

  2. Active Balancing Board: Our simple and high efficiency balancing board transfers energy from higher cells to lower cells, achieves efficiency up to 93%. The board works during charging, discharging and at any time when it is required by BMS.

    • Balance 12 cell per board
    • Maximum continuous balancing current 3A
    • Peak current up to 5A

    12-cell Lithium Ion Battery Active Balance Board: Dimension 10cm x 9.5cm

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